Chartered Association of Business Administrators® (CABA)

The Chartered Association of Business Administrators® is a professional body chartered federally under Letters Patent granted by the Government of Canada. Chartered Association of Business Administrators® is also registered with the US Trade Mark and Patents Office.

The Association is of the opinion that the success of the New Economy requires much more than simply responding to market demand. Accelerating change, the information revolution, globalization, intensified competition, rapid commoditization of services and, compressed strategy life cycles have all created a new business environment with unprecedented challenges. Businesses today increasingly require professionals who can integrate knowledge from multiple sources to address strategic businessissues and help create new innovationdriven business models. This innovation imperative presents unique opportunities for high-level professionals who can add new value in a global, knowledge-based economy.With this end in view the Association has developed designations as global business credentials.

Certification Process
Three types of competency that credential holders will be required to demonstrate are:

*Integrative Competencies

*Professional Competencies
*Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge


Integrative competencies represent the true differentiation of the CABA professional. These competencies are the hallmark of the CABA, representing his/her capacity to envision, strategize, conceptualize and innovate. They signify the CABA’s ability to combine knowledge from many sources, often in novel ways, to create economic value:

Creating & Leveraging Knowledge
Systemic Thinking
Future Focus
Strategic Thinking
Conceptual Skills
Global Perspective

CABA Enabling Characteristics
Professional competencies may be thought of as “enablers” of the credential holder. They include a suite of skills, capabilities and attributes that allow the CABA credentials to be effective and productive. Without professional competencies, the CABA would be unable to translate ideas into action or bring influence to bear on the business challenges facing companies.

What the CABA Professional Understands
Most Professionals have a solid knowledge base in the principles, standard and practices of their particular field or discipline. The CABA credentials differs from other credentials in that does require a broad and interdisciplinary portfolio of business knowledge and function expertise. While the CABA professional is not expected to be an expert in each content area, he/she offers an understanding of concepts, practices, implications and inter-relationships among multiple business disciplines:

Business Law
Business Planning
Corporate Finance
Information Technology

CABA Educational Program

CABA offers an educational program leading to the designations listed below. The Association is multidisciplinary, drawing its members from the related but separate fields of accountancy, insurance, law, funds management, tax and pensions, business operation, management consultancy etc. The Association is forging a "new" profession that adopts the best features from these related professions and encourages the development of members' qualifications as business consultants on the basis of their current professional qualifications:

Chartered Certified Coach; Chartered Certified Mentor; Chartered Certified Executive Coach;Chartered Certified Performance Coach; Chartered Certified Stress Management Coach; Chartered Certified Stress Management & Wellbeing Coach designations

Are you ready to consolidate your coaching experience and skills and reach the top in your profession? These coaching courses will let you harness your potential in a competitive industry.

Aim of Certification and Benefits

Certification aims to confer on suitably trained and experienced professionals the designation. The benefits of achieving such a designation are that the individual will be recognised internationally as having achieved a high standard of excellence. The programme has been developed for the international students at the Centre for Coaching, International Academy for Professional Development Ltd.


Route 1 is the extended programme and is available for those starting out in the profession. For Route 2 and 3, a minimum of three years experience is recommended as a prerequisite for entry into the courses.

Applying for a professional designation

On course completion and having satisfied the experience criteria, applicants can apply to CABA and a professional designation certificate will be issued.

About the courses

Two components are required to obtain this designation: a) one is educational and the other is b) experience. (a) The educational component consists of gaining a professional body recognised qualification through one of three routes.

Route 1 consists of three taught Certificate programmes with the Centre for Coaching, International Academy for Professional Development, followed by an independent study aided by an academic supervisor to gain an International Society for Coaching Psychology recognised coaching Diploma. This is the preferred route for professionals with little previous coaching training. The three Certificate courses are:

  1. Certificate in Coaching

  2. Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching

  3. Certificate in Psychological Coaching (or Coaching Psychology)

Route 2 is intended for professionals who have already undertaken a basic coaching programme and have some experience of coaching and coaching skills. These individuals formally assess their current knowledge, skills and experience in coaching, through the distance learning programme Certificate in Professional Development (Specialist Topic) and fill any gaps before proceeding to a Diploma in coaching with the International Academy for Professional Development.

Route 3 is suitable only for professionals who have already undertaken an advanced training in coaching or mentoring at Diploma or  masters level. The Certificate in Professional Development enables them to highlight their experience and undertake projects. Those who can successfully demonstrate a satisfactory level of training can gain CABA Chartered Coach Certification without taking one of the Centre for Coaching, International Academy’s Diplomas.

For more information about the Chartered Association of Business Administrators, please visit: CABA website.