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The IAFPD Certificate in Professional Development (Specialist Topic) is run in association with the International Academy for Professional Development. The Certificate in Professional Development (Specialist Topic) is a programme usually completed by experienced students who already have knowledge, skills and experience in coaching and who may wish to progress direct to one of the three Diplomas we offer without taking the three Certificates usually leading to them. This route is not taken by the majority of students. Overseas students could be graduate members of their national professional psychology body, certified/accredited coaches, psychologists licensed by their state or other qualified professionals. 


To demonstrating an advanced understanding of coaching, psychological coaching or coaching psychology.


•       Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the nature of coaching, psychological    

         coaching and coaching psychology models and the difference between coaching,    

         coaching psychology, mentoring and counselling.

•       Demonstrate the potential usefulness of the application of coaching to a range of work            and non-work based situations, explain the personal and organisational context of


•       Make appropriate selection of coaching tools and techniques based on initial

         assessment of coaching needs.

•       Develop competence in a range of skills relevant to the coaching context, such as

         developing communication skills, self management skills, and practicing goal and

         programme setting with a client; demonstrate competence in the appropriate

         application of coaching and psychological coaching skills.

•       Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of individual learning styles and personal

         responsibility for change and how these relate to the learning cycle.

•       Exploration of difficulties impeding goal attainment such as emotional interference, and

         techniques to enhance goal attainment such as time logs, action planning and other

         key activities.

•       Demonstrate practise in a range of advanced coaching skills including proficiency in the

         use of challenges and disputation in coaching, and overcoming blocks in psychological

         coaching practice.

•       Demonstrate the appropriate application of psychological coaching models to life,

         business, executive, performance and speciality coaching.

•       Develop advanced coaching skills in recorded coaching sessions

•       Using a self-reflective approach to own practice, develop capability to maintain newly

          acquired coaching skills through exploration of own learning preferences and be able             to critically analyse and appraise own psychological coaching practice.

•       Be self-directed in own learning by managing own learning on the programme and

         planning for future self-development.

•       Develop coaching skills (e.g. self management, communication, goal setting,

         programme setting) through coaching practice with clients.

•       Demonstrate knowledge of the developmental and cross-cultural issues associated with

         coaching and psychological coaching practice.


This programme is available to overseas students. However, all materials are written in English. Assignments will only be marked if they are submitted in English. There is an additional fee for postage. However, assignments can be submitted by email to tutors.


Learners submit a completed written assignment to assess the knowledge and understanding they have gained. This is submitted within 60 days of the end of the programme (although an extension can be applied for). The assignment also requires the submission of an audio-recording of coaching a coachee together with a transcript and critical analysis. An IAFPD certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the programme. 

Application form 

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