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Our Centre with its qualified trainers and consultants have been providing a range of services from in-house courses, and consultancy and research for us since 2001.

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Approved in-house training

Coaching Services

Research & Consultancy

Our British Psychological Society Learning Centre approved, and International Society for Coaching Psychology recognised short and extended courses can be run in-house for your organisation. Some of the courses can be adapted for the needs of your company and employees.


The Centre for Coaching can provide conference speakers on a wide range of topics.

Our experienced and qualified coaches can offer coaching to your staff. Coaching can be undertaken by telephone, skype or VSee. (VSee is a secure, confidential system.) For a higher fee, face-to-face meetings are also possible.

Our consultants and associates can undertake research and consultancy services. Most are Chartered Psychologists and Chartered Scientists.

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