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Programme levels

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As a training provider, we run bespoke programmes on a range of topics at different levels from coaching and coaching psychology to stress management.

The Centre for Coaching and International Academy for Professional Development Ltd bespoke programmes have been designed and developed specifically as initial or continuing professional development programmes (ie IPD or CPD) recognised by leading professional bodies. Our programmes can also lead to professional membership of some professional bodies including the Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM).

Our coaching related programmes are at various levels from introductory, intermediate to advanced:  


  • Certificate in Coaching (introductory level) 

  • Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching (introductory)

  • Certificate in Psychological Coaching (intermediate/advanced) 

  • Certificate in Coaching Psychology (intermediate/advanced level) 

  • Diploma in Coaching (intermediate/advanced level) 

  • Diploma in Psychological Coaching and the Diploma in Coaching Psychology (advanced level)

  • AC Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching (advanced level)


The Levels quoted are ​provided as a general guide for comparative uses only. For example, if you  have little or no coaching experience and/or no relevant coaching qualifications, then it may be advisable to start your training with an introductory programme. Our introductory, intermediate and advanced levels do not directly relate to the Framework for Higher Education Qualification (FHEQ) and Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) qualification levels. Our programmes are not regulated by Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and do not provide university credits.


Certificates of attendance are provided on all programmes. Learnerss can choose to enrol for an Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM) Development programmes. Although these are not qualifications, the TILM have evaluated all aspects of programme delivery. On completion of their programme, students receive an TILM Development Certificate of Achievement.

In order to obtain a Centre for Coaching, International Academy for Professional Development Ltd (IAFPD) primary certificate, certificate, diploma or advanced diploma, additional work will need to be successfully completed, for example, a Post Programme Review (PPR). These programmes lead to Centre and IAFPD Certificates of Achievement. They do not provide academic credits.The programmes are all recognised by relevant professional bodies for the purposes of continuing professional development. Some professional bodies recognise courses as initial or intermediate professional development for learners or their members working towards accreditation or recognition by the professional body, for example, the International Society for Coaching Psychology and the Association for Coaching (ie Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching). The Institute of Leadership and Management recognise our two, 5-day TILM Development Programmes as leading to associate and full membership of their professional body.

Most certificated programmes including 2-day primary certificates involve pre-programme reading/preparation and Post Programme Reviews (PPR) undertaken at home or at your office. Depending upon the programme, the PPR is 750 words (primary programme) or 1000 words (certificate programme). Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes require additional work. (The PPR and any other assignments should use APA Style 7.)


​If you have any queries about course levels or course recognition/accreditation, please contact Peter Ruddell, the Training Director. 

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