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Short 2-day courses - brief overview

The Centre for Coaching and International Academy for Professional Development run a range of 2-day programmes which are suitable for Initial or Continuing Professional Development (IPD, CPD).  Some of these programmes form modules on the ISCP Approved Certificate in Stress Management and Performance Coaching, the AC Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching or theTILM Approved Programmes.

​A Primary Certificate or full Certificate of Achievement is only awarded to Learners who submit a Post Programme Review (PPR) undertaken after the programme within 42 days. However, if a Learner does not wish to undertake the PPR, then they will still obtain a CPD Certificate of Attendance for their CPD logbooks if they have had a 90% attendance rate. (There are normally reduced fees for CPD attendance of programmes only.)


A number of the Primary Certificate 2-day programmes have an ​TILM equivalent programme which do not involve the completion of the PPR or other work.


​NB As indicated a few of the programmes are only offerred externally. All of the 2-day programmes can be run in-house for organisations.

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