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The Faculty of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing was launched by International Academy for Professional Development and Centre members with a strong research interest in positive psychology.


Traditionally much of psychology has focused on distress or ill-health. In comparison Positive Psychology attempts to understand and build upon a person, organisation or community's strengths and virtues. The goals of positive psychology include people's strengths, people flourishing and people's engagement. (Visit the European Network for Positive Psychology ENPP for more information.) Validated VIA Tools can be used to measure Character Strengths and Virtues (see VIA me!) which can enable users to focus on their strengths.


Over the past decade members of this faculty have published a range of articles and books which are informed by positive psychology including Developmental Coaching: Life Transitions and Generational Perspectives (Palmer & Panchal, 2011). In addition Faculty members have published work that focus on the strengths approach such as Solution Focused Coaching in Practice (O'Connell, Palmer & Williams, 2012). Recently Prof Stephen Palmer co-edited Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice (Green & Palmer, 2019).


The Faculty supports the work of the International Academy for Professional Development and Centres. Our coaching, psychological coaching and coaching psychology courses are at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We run the modular 6-day Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching and 2-day Primary Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching.


Faculty members include Dr Siobhain O'Riordan, Prof Stephen Palmer, Sheila Panchal MSc CPsychol and Helen Williams MSc CPsychol. They are all members of the European Network for Positive Psychology (ENPP).


Faculty of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing

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