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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs cover most of the usual queries we get asked about.

How do I apply for a course?

Complete our application form which should emailed to the Centre. Applicants will be emailed a link to PayPal to complete the purchase. (NB Under UK law, there is a 14 day cooling off period for online transactions.)

Who are the courses suitable for?

​The courses are generally suitable for coaches, managers, trainers, personnel staff, trainers, consultants, psychologists, health and caring professionals who wish to learn about and enhance their skills in the various areas our courses cover. In recent years, students have been attending our courses for a change of career as trhey wish to become professionally qualified a coaches and coaching psychologists.

Are the courses university accredited?

No. Our courses are recognised and approved by a number of national and international professional bodies. We also run accredited courses. Visit our webpage to learn more about accreditation and our course levels.

Which professional bodies recognise the courses and programmes?

Our courses are recognised, accredited or approved by a number of professional bodies:

For your career development it is important that our courses are recognised by some of the leading professional bodies. It is important to note that the range of programmes we run are aligned for the recognition systems of the professional bodies listed above and not other professional bodies.

Are you an approved or recognised Centre?

Yes - The Centre for Coaching, International Academy for Professional Development is an International Society for Coaching Psychology Approved Centre. It is also an ILM Recognised Centre to run endorsed programmes and an Institute of Management Specialists Recognised Provider.

Who are the TILM Development Programmes suitable for?

Generally the Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM) Development programmes are suitable for coaches, trainers, managers, directors, entrepreneurs, personnel staff, management consultants, psychologists and other professionals who wish to gain knowledge and skills in coaching and/or management development. However, participants also include those interested in a career change.

Do I need a supervised coaching practice?

If you attend the Diploma programme it is essential to have a coaching practice. You are responsible for obtaining coaching practice supervision from an experienced coach. The Centre provides academic supervision. Professional bodies such as the Association for Coaching may be able to assist in finding a supervisor. Psychologists are advised to obtain supervision from experienced Chartered Psychologists.

What letters can I put after my name when I have successfully passed a course(s)?
  • Certificate in Stress Management and Performance Coaching- CertSMPC

  • Certificate in Coaching - CertCoach

  • Certificate in Psychological Coaching - CertPsychCoach

  • Certificate in Coaching Psychology - CertCoachPsych

  • Advanced Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Coaching - AdvCertHealhCoach

  • Diploma in Coaching - DipCoach

  • Diploma in Psychological Coaching - DipPsychCoach

  • Diploma in Coaching Psychology - DipCoachPsych

  • Advanced Diploma in Coaching - AdvDipCoach

How soon or at what stage can I start practising after attending courses/am I qualified to start practising after I have attended the courses (or a course)?

This depends upon previous experience and qualifications and the availability of a suitable supervisor.

Should I join a professional body?

Students enrolled on a Centre Advanced Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma coaching programme are expected to be a member of a recognised coaching-related professional body and abide by their codes of practice and ethics. Suggested professional bodies include the Association for Coaching, APECS, EMCC, CIPD, International Society for Coaching Psychology and the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Can I record the training at the Centre?

Due to the interactive nature of our training programmes and courses whereby delegates/students maybe sharing personal items in a group setting we do not permit audio or video recording of the training sessions.​

Who will insure me against cancellation/non-attendance?

​The Centre does not insure delegates regarding non-attendance of courses due to illness, travel delays etc. Please contact your insurance broker for advice if you are concerned. Sometimes insurance cover comes under travel insurance.

Can a coach be too experienced to attend the Certificate in Coaching programme?

​The Certificate in Coaching (introductory level) is not necessarily suitable for experienced coaches or psychologists. The first 2 days of the course are at an introductory level. This can be problematic if experienced delegates attend the course as they wish to obtain an accredited and recognised course credit but also expect the course to cater for their advanced skills and experience. It is not possible to adjust the course to satisfy the needs of advanced delegates and retain course recognition and accreditation. Non-attendance of the first 2 days would not satisfy course attendance requirements. If in doubt, please contact the Training Director, Peter Ruddell.

Should I get coaching?

​It is not mandatory to receive coaching when attending one of the Centre for Coaching courses. However, students have reported that it can be a useful experience. If a student thinks it would be useful for their personal and professional development to receive coaching then the Centre recommends that they seek a suitably qualified and professional body accredited coach or coaching psychologist.

Does the Centre give discounts of any sort?

​The courses with assignments, CPD and TILM Development programmes have a different fee structure. In addition, we have two level course fees: one is payable by organizations (Org), the other is at a reduced rate for delegates who are self-funding (Ind). Sometimes we have special offers which we advertise on a one-off basis. Details of course fees can be found on our website and on the list of course dates.

What materials are provided for the courses?

All of the courses have a printed manual provided. The Certificate in Coaching and the Primary Certificate in Stress Management each have a set book provided by the Centres, the cost of which is included in the course fees. Many of the courses have pre-reading provided in electronic format and print copies of articles provided during the course. A print version of the take home exam paper or assignment will be provided at the end of the course. Any materials provided as hard copies are not provided in electronic format. 

Copyright of materials and course

The Centre for Coaching and International Academy for Professional Development retain copyright of all materials and course design. Students and delegates are given permission to photocopy client/coachee handouts and worksheets for their clients and coachees only. Material and manuals are not licensed for electronic distribution or re-sale.

What happens if a course or workshop is cancelled? 

If we cancel a course, workshop or conference, delegates will be offered the choice of a 100% refund or a direct transfer to another event run by the Centre and Academy. No liability is accepted for any consequential loss or any other expenses directly or indirectly incurred by any cancellation.

How do I get to the British Psychological Society London Offices?

We run many of our courses at the BPS London offices:


30 Tabernacle Street,

London EC2A 4UE

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 330 0890

Full details of trains, underground and bus routes to the BPS London offices can be downloaded here.

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