IAFPD Primary Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

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Health and wellbeing coaching has become an established area of practice in the UK, Australia and USA. Health coaching has been offered as a free service within some Primary Care Trusts in the UK. 


Cognitive behavioural health coaching can help with behaviour change, enhance health goal achievement and also assist in relapse prevention. Course participants will have the opportunity to practise health and wellbeing coaching skills and techniques in pair work or triads. Pre-course reading includes Improving Health: Changing Behaviour, the NHS Health Trainer Handbook. This provides a basic understanding of some of the key health related issues and introduces the behavioural and educational approach to changing health behaviour. The Centre also provides articles on health coaching, relaxation, imagery techniques and the life stage model focusing on physical health factors. The behavioural and cognitive-behavioural approach will provide a framework and underpin the psychological model of health and wellbeing coaching.



The Course is Approved by the UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA). The course is also recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology as providing CPD/CPE for its Members. 



To become knowledgeable about health and wellbeing coaching



This skills based workshop will help participants to:


• define health and wellbeing coaching

• define health education and wellbeing

• consider the theory, research and practice of health and wellbeing coaching and training

• consider what mediums can be used to deliver health coaching

• become knowledgeable of the structure of a health and wellbeing coaching session

• goal setting and SMART goals in health and wellbeing coaching

• become more knowledgeable about Motivational Interviewing, RULE, OARS and useful questions

• become  knowledgeable the Transtheoretical Model of Change, and the Life Stage model focusing on physical health factors 

• understand cognitive-behavioural and multimodal frameworks in developing an individual health coaching programme

• become knowledgeable about environmental influences in health and how to develop Health Enhancing Behaviours (HEBs)  and Lifestyle

• become knowledgeable about Health Inhibiting Thinking (HITs) and Health Enhancing Thinking (HETs)

• practise eliciting HITs and developing HETs

• gain practice in using the 2 and 5 column HETs form

• become knowledgeable about a range of cognitive, behavioural and imaginal techniques for use within health and wellbeing coaching including anti-craving imagery and over-consumption imagery

• understand the use of Socratic dialogue in health coaching

• become knowledgeable about a range of relaxation techniques including relaxation imagery, the Multimodal Relaxation  Method and the Benson Relaxation Technique

• understand and tackle the environment, cognitions, emotions and behaviours that may lead to lapse (relapse)

• consider how you may integrate health coaching within your coaching or counselling practice

• reflect upon supervision requirements for health and wellbeing coaching



A Centre and Academy certificate is awarded to participants who successfully complete the course and the written assignment.



The trainers are Professor Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol FIHPE (Hon) or Dr Siobhain O’Riordan PhD CPsychol MIHPE (Hon). Both are Chartered Psychologists, Members of the Institute of Health Promotion & Education (IHPE), and are ISCP Accredited Coaching Psychologists. They both edit professional and academic positive and coaching psychology journals.






For accredited and approved training in cognitive-behavioural and solution focused coaching,

psychological coaching and coaching psychology

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