Primary Certificate in Mediation Training Skills

Mediation skills are being applied in a range of different settings, with individuals, organisations and communities.

This intensive 2-day mediation training skills course offers an effective framework for dealing with conflict and disputes both in the workplace and other settings. It uses a positive problem solving and solution seeking approach.

The course includes team role plays, feedback and debriefing. It covers why and when to mediate, qualities and attitudes of a mediator, definition of mediation, structures to provide ways to communicate constructively, opening statements, agenda setting, confidentiality, importance of impartiality and neutrality, a range of mediator skills, use of side meetings, exploring solutions, resolution offers, avoiding collusion and other pitfalls, moving from the past to the future, dealing with strong emotions, overcoming power imbalances, writing up agreements, arranging and conducting reviews.

Mediation can be used to resolve interpersonal staff conflicts at work, in neighbourhoods and communities. Mediation allows for a greater range of solutions and options for those in dispute and, where appropriate, on rebuilding relationships. It focuses on the future and uses a collaborative problem solving approach to achieve a win/win situation acceptable to all. Participants will gain these valuable skills whilst learning in a safe and supportive setting.

• To gain core skills in mediation

• To gain skills to examine reasons for conflict
• To identify information needed to develop fair solutions
• To understand your own conflict management style
• To practise the skills of identifying key issues, assessing positions and testing out solutions
• To understand the importance of neutrality, impartiality and confidentiality
• To apply the principles, process and practical applications of mediation
• To practise how to set up and manage a structured mediation

The trainer is Elizabeth Doggart who is an Accredited Mediator or Keith Chadwick MSc.





For accredited and approved training in cognitive-behavioural and solution focused coaching,

psychological coaching and coaching psychology

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